Apple May Have Added Dynamic Island at The Last Minute


Dynamic Island was heavily guarded before the “Far out” event, which is one indication that Apple knew what it had. Apple had even the most ardent opponents of the “sideways I cutout and the notch eating out of its hands after the presentation because not a single word about it had been released. The evidence provided by MacRumors suggests that Dynamic Island may have gained a very late-stage approval.

Apple Dynamic Island 1

For at least the third occasion, Apple published a new support document that showed the iPhone 14 Pro’s two cutouts at the top of the screen without the Digital Island. The outcome was the frequently criticized design that we saw throughout the summer on numerous renders of the iPhone 14. Though in direct sunshine you can see the two cutouts without the black covering put on top, removing the Digital Island is not an option.

The picture of an iPhone 14 Pro with cutouts was replaced with one showing the Digital Island when Apple revised the page, which is headlined “Use Always-On display with your iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max.”

Ian Zelbo of FrontPage Tech also tweeted that Apple uploaded product bezels for developers immediately following the event, which revealed the cuts for the iPhone 14 Pro variants. A new graphic that displayed the single-pill or lozenge design instantly fixed this. As is customary for Apple, a covert team may have been working on Dynamic Island while those involved in the development of support materials, websites, and developer resources were ignorant of it until the product was unveiled.

Whatever the case, it doesn’t lessen the excitement generated by the new function. Some customers, who had intended to wait a year or two before upgrading their iPhones, are now scrambling to find the greatest price that will get them their hands on the Digital Island as soon as possible.

Apple Dynamic Island

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