According to Samsung, Apple will release a foldable device in 2024

Attendees from Samsung reportedly said that they anticipate Apple's entry into the foldable market in 2024


Apple has not yet begun production of foldable phones, while Samsung is on its fourth generation. However, Samsung predicts that will change in the next two years with the release of the first foldable iPad or MacBook.

In October, managers from Samsung’s mobile division met with suppliers to examine the smartphone industry, according to sources cited by the Korean website The Elec.

Attendees from Samsung reportedly said that they anticipate Apple’s entry into the foldable market in 2024, but they did not expect it to include a folding iPhone that could compete with the sixth-generation Galaxy Z Flip or Galaxy Z Fold smartphones. The business instead anticipates Apple joining the party with a folding iPad or maybe a foldable laptop.

Although it would be in Samsung’s best interest to promote the likelihood that Apple will support its innovation, this isn’t the first time Apple’s potential foldable tablet-first strategy has been suggested. The research firm CCS Insight predicted last month that Apple will test a folding screen on an iPad initially since it would not want to completely alter its best-selling product.

At the time, chief analyst Ben Wood said, “A foldable iPhone doesn’t currently make sense for Apple to produce. “We believe they will reject that fad and perhaps experiment with a foldable iPad.”

In the world of tablets, too, there is a lot less rivalry. In addition to the fact that there aren’t many foldable tablets on the market (the Asus Zenbook Fold and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold are two examples), it’s difficult to overstate Apple’s dominance of the tablet market.

Approximately 28% of people globally use an iPhone, yet the iPad brand accounts for more than 50% of the tablet market. It’s true that the pie is somewhat smaller, but it only makes the testing lab a relatively lower-risk one.

That sort sorta makes sense. The primary obstacle preventing me from always keeping my iPad mini in my pocket is the fact that I can’t since it’s too wide. A big selling point for Apple would be an iPad that could be folded down to half its width or height, especially if it continued to work with the Apple Pencil.

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series has purposefully blurred the barrier between phones and tablets, so it’s plausible that a hypothetical 5G folding iPad might also achieve that, depending on where the fold line is. The iPad mini 6’s dimensions when opened are 7.7 x 5.3 x 0.3 inches, which isn’t all that different from the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4’s dimensions (6.1 x 5.1 x 0.21 inches).

Here is a comparison photo of the iPad mini and the open Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 taken by my colleague Dan, who also hopes for a folding iPad mini.

Apple foldable phones

However, it’s possible that Apple is considering taking the opposite tack and employing a foldable form factor to make the Apple foldable tablets even larger than the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Considering that the business is believed to be considering both 14-inch and 16-inch tablets, a folding screen could help make those awkward form factors a little bit more portable.

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