Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 survey: longer-enduring Bluetooth commotion cancellers



New Microsoft earphones are improved inside and out, with better solid, aptX, extraordinary fit, top controls, and less expensive cost.

Microsoft is back with a refreshed arrangement of commotion dropping Surface Headphones that enhance almost everything from the principal set.

The £239.99 Surface Headphones 2 is accessible in dark or light dim however in any case looks fundamentally the same as the firsts from 2018.

That is fine with me. They appear to be unique to most opponents yet without being gaudy, square-shaped, or huge on your head. The headband over the top is genuinely thin however cushioned and agreeable. The roundabout ear cups are enormous and extravagant, with an oval opening for your ears, contact boards, and turning dials for controls.

The earphones hold your head safely, yet I never felt pressed. The weight balance revolved around the cups is truly steady; the earphones don’t slide advances or in reverse as you move around. The earcups pivot through an entire 180 degrees, which means they will sit level in either direction, which is valuable for capacity or simply draping them around your neck when not wearing them.

Generally speaking, the Surface Headphones rival a portion of their most agreeable rivals, for example, Bose’s QC35, for broadened listening meetings.


  • Network: Bluetooth 5.0, SBC, aptX
  • Battery life: 20 hours tuning in
  • Weight: 290.3 grams
  • Measurements: 204 x 195 x 48mm
  • Driver size: 40mm
  • Charging: USB-C

Controls and network

The level plate of each earcup is a touch-touchy board. Tap it once to play or interrupt, twice and threefold to skirt forward or back, tap and hold to actuate your voice aide. They function admirably. Take the earphones off and the music delays, continuing when returned on your head. The ring around the touch board turns. Pivot the left one to change commotion dropping and the correct one to alter the volume. There’s something extremely satisfying and material about turning dials for such controls.

The privilege earcup likewise has the force button that triggers matching when held, an amplifier quite catch, the USB-C charging port, and a standard 3.5mm earphones attachment for utilizing them wired as opposed to remote.

The Surface Headphones 2 help Bluetooth 5 and can associate with two gadgets immediately (a telephone and a PC for instance). They bolster the essential SBC and higher caliber aptX sound norms, which is extraordinary for Android and Windows gadgets yet disappointingly they need support for AAC, which is the better sound standard utilized by Apple gadgets.

Like the new Surface Earbuds, the earphones bolster Microsoft’s Swift Pair for Windows 10 and Google’s Fast Pair for Android for a one-tap blending that works splendidly. Matching them to an iPhone or iPad requires the conventional manual procedure utilizing the Settings application. The Surface Audio application on Android, iOS, and Windows deals with settings, full equalizer, updates, and customization choices for the controls.

Availability to an assortment of Windows PCs, and OnePlus Nord, OnePlus 8 Pro, and an iPad Pro were unshakable. Call quality was likewise acceptable, with the two closures of the call coming through noisy and clear, even with foundation commotion.

Clamor dropping and sound

Surface Headphones 2 have improved dynamic clamor dropping contrasted with the principal emphasis. They handle tedious automatons well overall, for example, the sound of a lawnmower, and manage voices and the hints of the drive obviously superior to form one. They despise everything let in more of the abrupt sounds, for example, entryway thumps or work area taps, and battled with apparatus commotion, for example, a neighbor utilizing an edge processor, however they are presently not very far away from the best from Bose, Sony and B&W.

The earphones have 13 distinct degrees of clamor wiping out, from the greatest right to the reverse encompassing mode, which intensifies sounds from around you and plays them through the earphones for the most extreme mindfulness. The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 do a comparable thing. In spite of the fact that you can converse with individuals up close and personal effects with the earphones set to surrounding mode, most think that it’s inconsiderate.

Surface Headphones 2 sounds great. They have a comparative sound profile to the past forms, with a warm, loosened up sound, great for simple regular tuning in with most music kinds. They produce sound with a great detachment of tones and a wide soundscape however can be somewhat ruled by the full and adjusted bass losing touch of freshness in the highs. There’s a full equalizer for alterations, with presets that really sounded genuinely great.

In general, the Surface Headphones 2 is an improvement over the original however don’t sound in the same class as adversaries from Sony and B&W.

Battery life

Battery life is significantly better, enduring a decent 20 hours over Bluetooth with commotion dropping dynamic in my testing, which matches rivals from Bose, yet misses the mark regarding the best in the business that can toward the end more than 30 hours.

They take around two hours to completely charge by means of USB-C while a five-minute snappy energize gives to an hour of playback. While the earphones don’t bolster sound over the USB-C interface, in contrast to B&W’s PX7, they can be utilized while being charged.


Microsoft doesn’t give a gauge to the normal number of full charge cycles from the Surface Headphone’s batteries, which is commonly 500 while keeping up at any rate 80% limit. The batteries are not client replaceable. Fixes must be performed by approved specialist organizations. The out-of-guarantee administration expense, paying little heed to what’s going on, is for the Surface Headphones 2 from Microsoft is £159.00.

Microsoft didn’t remark on whether the earphones contain reused materials, however, the organization works on exchange and reusing plans for old items.


  • At the point when utilized with Microsoft Office, you can direct content and put captions on your PowerPoint introductions utilizing the earphones.
  • They don’t overlay down the middle for movement yet accompany a hard case.
  • A voice reveals to you battery life in hours when you first force them on then says bye when you turn them off.


The Surface Headphones 2 comes in dark or light dim costing £239.99.

For examination, Marshall’s Monitor II ANC cost £300, Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones 700 expense £350, Bowers and Wilkins PX7 cost £350, Beats Studio 3 Wireless expense £300 and Beats Solo Pro expense £269.95.


Surface Headphones 2 enhances the original Microsoft earphones inside and out.

They’re more agreeable, keep going longer on a charge, have improved commotion dropping, and sound better. They despise everything that has the great turn-dial and contact controls, and the expansion of quick matching and aptX is generally welcome for Windows and Android clients. They’re likewise £90 less expensive, which doesn’t do any harm.

The absence of AAC support is disillusioning, however, and keeping in mind that they sound great they don’t exactly arrive at the sonic highs of the absolute best from B&W and Sony, the last of which can be had for comparative cash.

Be that as it may, for those searching for an option in contrast to the conventional rulers of remote commotion-dropping earphones, at £240 Microsoft’s Surface Headphones 2 are certainly worth a look.

Pros: Agreeable, very much made, incredible controls, aptX, strong Bluetooth network, USB-C, 3.5mm attachment, movable clamor dropping/encompassing sound, great sound, great battery life, quick pair.

Cons: No AAC support, just overlay level, clamor dropping, and sound not exactly on a par with rivals.

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