Samsung Criticizes Apple for not Producing Smartphones With Folding Screens


People make fun of Apple. The Cupertino-based business actually believes it is inventive. According to its supporters, Apple is the best brand there is. But when things are viewed objectively, everything is different. Samsung Mobile unveiled a fresh ad late last week. In the latter, the Korean business made an overt and crude jab at Apple.

As you can see in the video, a man is perched on a fence and is watching a store that resembles an Apple store. Hey, what are you doing up there? a member of the Apple staff queries. You cannot stand on the sidelines.

“On Samsung’s side, they have foldable phones with spectacular cameras,” the man responds. An “Apple” consumer who is interested in foldable technology is drawn to what he says. We’re waiting for these products to come, the Apple employee argues as he tries to persuade her to leave. However, the individual who is undecided claims that since Samsung currently offers foldable smartphones, there is no need to wait for the impending foldable Apple iPhones.

What then does the Apple worker say? We wait because that’s how we operate. The entire point of the advertisement is to make fun of Apple for not having a smartphone with a folding screen.

Many businesses now make fun of Apple’s lack of innovation in order to belittle the Cupertino company. Google made fun of Apple for not supporting RCS communications, and Garmin did the same for measuring watch battery life in hours.

The corporation hasn’t introduced any innovation since Steve Jobs’ death. When several Android smartphone manufacturers adopted the design, it even started to use a notch.

Source: Samsung

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